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Since we will be back in Kamloops for 2016, at Circle Creek Ranch & Equestrian Centre - we will require a few more food vendors & varieties including breakfast menu items.We try not to duplicate food types in order to allow each vendor an opportunity to maximize over the weekend, but it may be needed for certain types of menu choices!

2016 Weekend Food Vendor Rate
$90.00 + Exhibitor Fee + GST
Application Form SUBMISSION DOES NOT Guarantee Approval!
The Committee has the right to choose vendors based on the needs of our fair!

Click Here for a Temporary Special Event Interior Health Permit

Click Here for Permit Guidelines- Please Fill out Special Event Permit (Temporary Food Service Application) and return to the address on the Form (Health Canada) by August 31.

- Please read the information letter & Complete the Entry Form and submit it to the PWF Address for approval

Commercial & Craft Vendors

With the move back to Kamloops and the unknown impact the change in location will have on our attendance, we are extending an invitation for Commercial Vendors to set up on Saturday & Sunday ONLY (pre-approval required)

Click Here for the Commercial Vendor Entry form & Click Here for the Introductory Cover Letter) and Enjoy the Fair along with everyone else!

Click here  for Farmers Market (Sunday morning only) vendor form.

- Click Here for a Camping Registration Form (if needed) or Click Here for various  Kamloops Accommodations!